Why did I choose MS over MBA

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I am Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer by profession, working with Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd. I always had dreams about having higher education from my college days, but due to financial constraints, my dad was not able to help me out.  But the fire in me for the higher education did not stop there.  It took me 8 years to manage my family constraints and fund up for my education on my salary, and yes finally I am here.

Confusions I had:

First things first.  To give a brief introduction about my education background, I finished my BE Mechanical from Siddaganga Institute of Technology affiliated to VTU in 2005. So now the confusion started as what to do next and I had couple of question which needed to be answered.

1. With 8 years of experience which one to choose MBA or MS/PhD

I had plans of pursuing MBA from IIMB specially “Software Execution Management” program.  As I was more of a technical guy rather “Technical Geek”, My Manager in Red Hat, my friends advised me to pursue MS and PhD instead, justifying that MBA can be done later on as well.

2. Whether to do Full time or Part time (Distance education was not of my interest though)

As I said, due to financial constraints I was not in a position to pursue Full time as of now reason being, there was no additional support to run my family apart from job.  Please be advised that I had done lots of background work before coming up with this idea to doing Part Time education in Christ by comparing many other universities.  One strange thing happened in the course of time.  So, I met this guy called Vikram in Pycon 2012 conference, who happens to be friend of my colleague in Red Hat.  This guy answered few questions about why to choose Christ University for MS program for the questions which i had in my mind, which I would like to list out.

  1. Christ Offers Executive MS Program which is recognized as Full time program for pursuing PhD in IIT.  Example for this is Vikram is pursuing his PhD program in IIT with this MS Degree.  To put some more light on this, He was a Full time Lecturer in Christ College when he was pursuing MS program and he was in the first Batch of this program in Christ.
  2. Its a weekend program, so you get to attend college YAY!!!.  I am a lazy bot to study books, watch videos for my education (thats the reason I dropped out the distance education which is offered by many other universities.  I dont want to do my higher education just for the sake of doing it or to add a addition degree to my resume which does not have any value out of it). Alas, who does not want to go to college again.
  3. Expand your Professional Network: This is the place you can spend some precious time to make new friends, build your network, share your knowledge and last but not the least enjoy your life back.  I would bet that most of you will agree this because of the boring professional life you have out there the entire week handling the pressure and no time for self.

3. What about the recognition incase if I have to project it on my resume

Well guys, as I discussed in the previous question, It is well recognized.  And if the company does not recognise this, then there is always a second option 😛

4. What to do after MS

Well most of us have always this question to be answered.  You can pursue PhD directly or you can finish Mphil and then apply for PhD using this MS degree.  Or in case if you want to shift you line, then you can as well do this.

Note: Christ University is recognized in many International Universities Abroad, so just chill out guys.

Final decision:

So after gather most information, I finally decided to freeze the plan and go ahead with MS program in Christ University.


To my surprise, I got lot many things in Christ College which I would like to share with you

  1. It removed my fear of the word “Part Time” from my mind altogether.  It never makes me feel that I am doing part time education, it is so much of fun here.
  2. You get to involve with all the college related activities, which is a plus
  3. Interacting with many experts (includes Lecturers, Visiting Faculties from Industries, and co-students) and share the knowledge.
  4. Refresh back the basic & advanced concepts like pointers, data structures, dbms concepts, operating system concepts, system architectures, project management skills, etc
  5. Projects and Assignments to keep you busy on learning new things and exploring more

Next plans:

To pursue Mphil from Christ University



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